New year, new bow!

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New year, new bow!

I can't believe it's already March! Spring hunting seasons and outdoor archery tournaments are right around the corner. Some warmer places are already hosting outdoor shoots. 

This is a fun time of year. New bows are out, new arrows, all the fun new gadgets. It's a great time to get your bow out and start getting some practice in. Try those new arrows or a new fletching style. See what a heavier point weight does for arrow flight and grouping. Maybe you are starting with a whole new bow!

That's what I decided to do this year. Sold all my bows and starting with something totally new to me. I've bounced around between bow manufacturers over the years. The typical brands, Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Bowtech. But this year we are trying something totally new. 

Darton. They are by no means a new company. They have been around since 1950! They have gone through different phases of popularity. Over the last few years I would say they are more regionally popular vs a national or world wide well known name. 

With all that said, I wanted to try something new. I've never owned one. I've maybe only worked on 2 or 3. So we're starting out with a Tempest E-3D. This will be an everything bow for me to start. If it shoots well for me I will be adding a longer bow later as a dedicated target bow. The E-3D is a 36" axle to axle bow and is a good do all option. Target, 3D and hunting. I personally like a longer bow and 36" has always shot well for me. 

Once I get the bow I'll be doing some more reviews and posting info on tuning I'm learning. 

Until then feel free to get ahold of us with any questions!

Have a great day!