About Us

Mission statement, vision, goals or whatever you want to call them, Icon Archery is a culmination of many years spent in the outdoor industry. We want to introduce something fresh to the sport, find new ways to bring new people into the fold and support those that already enjoy archery - wherever they are! We are about offering you more than just a place to buy gear. 


About the Owner: Chris is a Level 3 USA Archery coach, USA Archery Judge, 4H instructor, NASP instructor, bow hunter and avid lover of archery. He grew up bow hunting in Northern Minnesota where his first job was in an archery pro shop. Over the last 15+ years, he has worked in many areas of the archery and outdoor industry. In the retail and pro shop setting, he got a chance to see where we could be better with customers. As a sales rep he saw how we could be better with dealers and as a coach he saw how important youth programs and getting people involved in the sport is.

Chris SD Antelope 2020