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Long have I been searching for a wrist strap release that has it all. Of course what "it all" is varies for each of us, but I believe Stanislawski nailed it with the SoleX. Here are the things I have looked for but never felt like one release did them all like I wanted. 

Buckle wrist strap
  • Nylon connection strap
  • Trigger not super close to hook
  • Open hook connection to loop
  • Adjustable trigger tension
  • Adjustable trigger travel

I've tried a ton of releases from varying brands over the last several years. They all had some of the things I wanted but there would always be something that I didn't like. The main thing I look for in any release is an adjustable trigger tension. I think it's very important for archers and especially hunters to shoot a heavy trigger. A lot of the releases on the market have too light of a trigger pull in my opinion. I believe a very light trigger encourages trigger slap and that leads to target panic. With the SoleX you can easily adjust the trigger pull to be heavy or light. You can also keep the pull very crisp or if you like some play in the trigger you can adjust that as well.

Beyond the trigger tension adjustments, I personally prefer the open hook style release versus a caliper style. For me it's quicker and easier to hook up without having to look real hard at the loop, if at all. In hunting situations I like this so I can keep my eyes on game and not have to look down to hook up my release. 

Next up is the buckle strap. Archery is all about consistency. A buckle is very repeatable and doesn't wear over time like velcro can. Every time I put my release on, I know I'm putting it on the same tightness to get my anchor in the correct spot. Velcro can be tighter one day to the next. It also wears over time and can slip as you apply pressure to it when pulling the string back. When your release slips on your wrist it changes your anchor and diminishes accuracy. 

Trigger position on the head is another thing I look at. I prefer the trigger to be a little further away from the hook. This allows you to have a more relaxed trigger finger and be less likely to feel like you are "reaching" for the trigger. 

Finally the nylon strap connection. I prefer this over a solid bar connection from the wrist strap to the release head. I like that it can be tucked in a shirt, or generally just stays out of the way of my hand to keep my hand free to use. 

 Of course like anything in archery, there is a ton of personal preference here. I do believe the adjustable trigger tension is a way to step up your accuracy. I don't have anything I can say I don't like about this release. If you can, go try one out! Beyond all these features they are surprisingly affordable. 

Thanks for reading!