AAE - Hot Rodz Conquer Stabilizer

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The Conquer line of stabilizers was created to meet the needs of archers that want a minimal size with maximum stabilization and vibration dampening.  Conquer stabilizers utilize hi-modulus carbon for an extremely effective lever arm to maximize stabilization characteristics.

The new end cap incorporates SIMS VIBRATION technology to address vibration at its origin preventing unwanted feedback at the bow.  Utilizing a 2-oz. weighted end cap, the Conquer line comes packaged with three additional 1-oz. weights for a total of 5-oz.  Additional weights can easily be added to customize the stabilization needs of every archer.

Featuring a matte black finish with camo-flamed logo, the Conquer line of stabilizers is a highly effective and stylish addition to any hunting bow.

Available in:
  • 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch