AAE - Hot Rodz Pro Stock Hunting Stabilizer

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The Hot Rodz Pro Stock is the most tunable Bowhunter Freestyle type stabilizer on the market that does not change the overall length of the bar resulting in violations of the 12" max rule during competition.  The Pro Stock is 10.25" in length which will allow for the addition of a wrist sling and a quick detach without going over the 12" max length rule.  The Pro Stock's Proprietary end cap allows the weights to be screwed on the outside of the end cap rather than to the end.  The Pro Stock will accept up to 18 oz. on the end and comes equipped with 2-2 oz. disk weights with 4 oz. weights being sold separately.  The end cap weights 2 oz. and comes with 3 "Spacers" to ensure no matter how many disc weights the archer uses, the weights are always centralized at the end of the bar for maximum effectiveness.