AAE - Freakshow Arrow Rest

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The "FREAKSHOW" is the toughest micro-adjustable target rest on the market today.  It utilizes Jesse "The FreakShow" Broadwater's unique torque tuning methodology, and it comes in either an extended or standard mount.  AAE's proprietary hex alignment launcher blade system is also featured allowing the archer to change out the blade without having to re-adjust their tune.  The launcher arm rotates for the exact blade angle preferred.  Laser-etched adjustment lines and oversized lock-down machine screws ensure adjustments are visible and rest in secure.  The freakshow comes with two different original length launcher blades to help the elite target archer adjust for the perfect tune; standard width in .010" thickness installed and wide width in .012" thickness.  Freakshow components are Stainless Steel. 
Available in:
  • Extended or Standard
  • RH or LH