AAE - Hybrid Vane

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AAE introduces the New Hybrid line of vanes featuring AAE's revolutionary Base Dynamics technology.
The AAE research team decided to look deeper into the base/vane relationship and how the base could play a role in the dynamic performance of the vane once installed.
After years of testing they discovered that there is indeed a directly proportional effect on a vanes dynamic performance in flight and how the base and vane is designed resulting in Base Dynamics.  
  • Tough material with great instant adhesion!
  • World's best quality and colors
  • Glue activating base
  • Bright, visible colors
  • Excellent memory & durability

Available in:

  • Seven Sizes:  16, 2.0, 23, 26, 40, HP, and XB
  • Ten Colors:  Black, Blue, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Sunset Gold, White, or Yellow
  • 50 pack