Black Eagle - Rampage/Renegade - Stainless Steel Bone Crushing Half Out

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The Rampage-Renegade Stainless Steel Bone Crushing Half-out has been tested and designed by experienced hunters and target archers to ensure maximum penetration and performance. Having been thoroughly tested through many different materials this ensures excellent penetration and shot after shot performance. If you are looking for maximum penetration and shot after shot performance then the deadly combination of the Rampage and Renegade Stainless Steel Bone Crushing Half-out and Shaft are sure to be a hit!

Stainless Steel Half-out - 51 Grains
Sold in 12 Packs

To install the Half-Out.
  1. Square the end of the arrow shaft
  2. Dry fitting is recommended on all components. Slide half-out in shaft and spin test (if you prefer)
  3. If a slight wobble is noticed, DON'T PANIC! Rotate the half-out with field point installed until the spin is true.
  4. Again, Rotate Half-Out until it spins perfect.
  5. Use a Silver or Black Sharpie and mark the Shaft and the Half-Out for perfect alignment once glue is applied.
  6. We have tested Our fletching glue, insert/outsert glue and epoxy and all of them work great.
  7. Apply a even amount of glue around the shaft of the Half-Out to ensure the glue channels get enough glue in them to hold.
  8. Once the glued half-out is finished stand the arrow on the point to dry.

Marked for a perfect Spin Step#5