Wasp - Sharp Shooter Broadeads

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The SharpShooter broadheads are designed with a cut-on-contact Blade-Locking System which utilizes a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blade to the ferrule, eliminating misaligned blades and poor arrow flight. The SharpShooter 100 and 150 grain have a 1” cutting diameter with 0.040” main blades and 0.027” bleeder blades. While the 200 grain, is a single bevel with a 1-1/8" cutting diameter, .046" main blades and .027" bleeder blades. Bleeder blades are replaceable. This broadhead will not only serve traditional and recurve archers well, but also compound archers who shoot “speed bows” with the properly spined arrow. 

-100 and 150 grain are double bevel

-200 grain is a single bevel design

-Come in packs of 3