Xpedition - MX-16 Bow - USED

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Xpedition Archery MX-16 60lbs Right Realtree Excape Compound Bow - The Mako X series was developed with precision forging and a caged riser designed to be incredibly stable while reducing shot noise and vibration. The Mako X series also features a new limb pocket system that maintains perfect alinement through the entire power stroke of the bow.

These bows are powered by the new Hybrid Duel Stop (HDS) cam. The HDS cam allows shooters to choose between limb stop, cable stop, or a combination of both. This advancement will let archers fine-tune to their exact shooting style.

  • Right Hand
  • 26in To 31in Draw Length
  • 4.2lbs
  • 32.75in ATA
  • 6in BH
  • 348-352 FPS IBO
  • **includes QAD Rest**